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Swords Rule!
Letters to Mama Sawagejou - Tuesday, September 29, 1879 
13th-Jul-2008 09:38 pm
Prettiful Chou
Mama darlin’,

Been too long since I wrote, I know. Don’t mean I haven’t been thinking ‘bout you an’ the family. Jus’ means I haven’t had any extra money ta send ya put ink to paper.

The Chou can hear you complaining now about my poor writing, so the rest of this letter will be just exactly how you like it, Mama dear. The Chou knows you always liked me best. ’cause my bro’s are such losers

Anyhow, I met up with a hamanachi babe who works part time as a ninja a woman I just know you’d like. She’s a real looker or will be, once she gets out o’ the hospital like. I plan to be seeing a lot more of her soon. an’ I mean a LOT more!

How are things in Osaka? Are you still cooking for everyone? Could you send me your recipe for fried kelp? I was reminded today of what a tasty dish you used to make of it. I’d like to try and make some here in Tokyo.

Hope you can use the extra moula I tucked in with this letter. If it’s not there, you know who to blame! One o’ my loser bro’s, not that the Chou actua’ly put any in

Your favorite,

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