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Swords Rule!
OCC Character Information and Goals Post 
22nd-Oct-2005 05:37 pm
chou's great grandson
Sawagejou Chou is a highly trained swordsman with a rather underdeveloped sense of morality and a keen interest in profit (to support his habits) and a good time, not necessarily in that order. As one of Shishio’s Ten Swords, he was given some character development in RK, but I have had the pleasure of “fleshing him out” as I see fit. And believe me, “flesh” is where it’s at for the Chou. He is a male animal in every sense of the word – driven by baser intentions, mostly sexual in nature.

My goals for the Chou are simple. He is supposed to make all of our Players smile. Period. Anything else he does is just extra. Because I like to write action and adventure, I’d like some of that for him. Ironically, I’ve written more suggestive prose for the Chou than for Kenshin. Go fig.

Kenshin is quite an interesting guy to play. He may be the “hero” or main character of RK, but he is also rather passive in terms of moving the plot forward – at least until he draws his sword to fight, which he has not yet done at Himuragumi. As the Legendary Hitokiri, he is a Hero of the Revolution and either revered and respected or resoundly hated, depending on where your sympathies lie. He is equally appalled at both sentiments.

He has the same abandonment issues as most of the other characters of RK. Hiko may have been a father figure, but he did not sign up to be Kenshin’s father – for obvious reasons. Kenshin probably guessed at these, but was in deep denial about it – along with many other issues. He’s pretty good at denial, our Kenny.

On the other hand, thanks to his life changing relationship with Tomoe and his somewhat “healthy” role model of Hiko, he’s not only one of the oldest characters of RK, he’s got more maturity and understanding of what it is he wants. Now that he’s finally found his answer during Jinchuu, he is ready for some happiness. Perhaps that will turn up at Himuragumi.

My goals, as his player, are to give him interesting things to do and try to foster and improve his interpersonal relationships. His only really close friend is Sano. He feels closer to Aoshi and Saitou than to many others – shared experience will do that.

I am interested in character development and plot, primarily humorous, adventure, action or mystery storylines – and of course romance. I have almost no interest in angst and had never written any before I started playing Kenshin. Ironic, isn’t it? I find angst quite boring and you can be sure that there will be less of it in Kenshin’s future. While I also find lemons boring to write, I am increasingly interested in the nature of erotic writing in terms of suggestion and the evocation of feeling. (I suppose these would be limes, but I really don’t think of it that way.) I hope to have a chance to explore this with Kenshin.

Both of my characters are very open to interactions. While I do a certain amount of character exploration in individual threads, I greatly prefer working with other players to do interactive threads and plotlines. For the most part, I love surprises and responding to them. Manipulation is another matter.

If your characters are looking for more action, adventure, or even romance, perhaps my characters can be of service.

As always, comments are very welcome.
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