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Sawagejou “Ride the Rails” Chou’s RR FAQ’s 
27th-Sep-2005 03:44 pm
Prettiful Chou
Where could you go by Railroad in Japan in 1878?

From Tokyo’s Shimbashi to Yokofuckinghama, with four stops in between, Shinagawa, Kawasaki, Tsurumi, and Kanagawa.

You could also go from Kobe to Kyoto by way of Osaka, o’ course. But if you want to go anywhere else in Japan, you best get off your sorry ass and walk.

What about Tokyo to Kyoto?

Plans were started in 1883, but by 1886 they decided to follow the Tokaido and the route was not completed until 1911. Why? Inland routes were greatly preferred and insisted upon by the military so that the railroads would not be prime targets for attacks by freakin’ foreigners.*

(*For the convenience of the Oniwabanshu and any other characters, the moderators have agreed that characters may take the Mythical train to Kyoto – but they must allow at least 10 TO 12 hours* of game play for the trip.)

*8 to 10 Freakin’ Hours? In current game time, that’s ForFuckingEver!

So how long is the train trip from Tokyo to Yokohama?

Non-stop, it’s 53 minutes. With stops, it’s 35 minutes between stops. (approx. 3 hours)

How far is it from Tokyo to Yokohama?
29 km, (18 miles) There are 9 round trips available each day. Just so’s ya know, it took 2 hours from the start o’ the Tokaido in Tokyo ta freakin’ Shinagawa. So’s if you’re plannin’ on a trip anywheres in Japan like, ya better count on bein’ gone from Himuragumi one hell o’ a long time and some damn sore feet.

What’s the Train Schedule between Tokyo/Yokohama?
The Chou knows it by heart, but the rest o’ you losers characters can find it here.

What kind of cigarettes does Saitou smoke?
None o’ your damn bizness. ‘Sides, all you bakas are on a need ta know basis. Now, if’n the cutie pie wimen o’ Himuragumi would like any personal type info from the Chou, ya’ll jus’ come ‘round ta the Chou’s and the Chou will check you out we can discuss it like.
28th-Sep-2005 01:32 am (UTC)
You know Mr. Chou...you look very different like that...*points to Gackt icon*.

I... *-* like that look Mr. Chou!

((Gosh I bet you're surprised I held out this long with that icon, the fan that I am...))

Kone: *grabs Chou by the collar and drags him into a room*
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